Chronicles of a Psychonaut

003 Healing and Self-Understanding

July 15, 2018

Chronicles of a Psychonaut is about much more than psychedelics. It's really a platform for story telling. At one point I realized I have a lot of very wise friends with incredible stories that have largely gone untold. These are regular people with extraordinary experiences in the realms of visionary plants, sexuality, healing and trauma recovery, community building, etc. This podcast was created to be a repository for these stories from people like you and me. Have a story to tell?? Let me know!

Today's episode features Denell Nawrocki. She tells her story of how she healed herself from HPV and cervical dysplasia without the invasive methods used in Western medicine. She now helps educate other women on how to do the same. We also talk about sexuality and the 3 types of orgasm a woman can experience, the benefits of meditation, co-dependency and unconscious manipulation, and even a bit about American history. This episode was originally recorded back in February. We had a fascinating and in-depth conversation and I think you'll enjoy it.

Denell Nawrocki, MA is an Educator, Speaker, Guide and Facilitator specializing in women's health and earth-based healing. She believes in the body's ability to regenerate and guides others to connect to their body to find empowerment in self-healing.

Since 2010, Denell has done extensive study in the fields of health, healing, personal transformation, indigenous wisdom, plant medicine and history. All of this culminates in her mission to lead people to be in loving relationship with their Body so as to repair the Sacred Web of Life. She received her MA in Integrative Health Studies from Calfornia Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), and a BA in History from UC Davis.

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