Chronicles of a Psychonaut

006 The Man With No Name

August 5, 2018

My guest today is The Man With No Name. He goes by Nanashi, which is Japanese for "no name," and he is a cultivator and exporter of psychedelic plants. This episode was recorded in Chiang Mai, Thailand when I was there in March 2018. Nanashi is an ethnobotanist and studies the relationship between people and plants. He has been nurturing his garden in Thailand for the last 15 years and I got to speak with him about his experiences with these plants as well as tap into the knowledge he has acquired through extensive study. He was willing to speak to me under the condition of anonymity, due to the fact that he puts himself at personal risk by doing the work that he does. We covered a number of subjects, including the benefits and dangers of datura, his experience gathering and eating peyote with the Huichol people, and a different way to make ayahuasca by using the leaves instead of the vine.

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Intro music is classical music from Northern Thailand

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