Chronicles of a Psychonaut

005 Adventures in Hong Kong

July 29, 2018
I traveled to Asia for two months this Spring to experience different cultures and ways of being. It's so easy to forget the ways in which we view the world through our native cultural lens. Travel always helps me to illuminate those aspects of myself that are a product of cultural conditioning so that I can better understand who I really am apart from it.
In this episode of Chronicles of a Psychonaut, I sit down with new friend Natalie Goni in Hong Kong. She's originally from England and has been living there for the last 5 years. We talk about the differences between Eastern and Western cultures, the respectful nature and efficiency of Hong Kong (in spite of it being one of the most densely populated cities in the world), and a Brit's view on America and some of the advantages of American culture that some of us may not have considered.

With prior experience in corporate finance, Natalie is a personal and professional business coach and helps people strike a sustainable balance between functionality and personal wellness. Check her out at 

This is the first of two episodes I recorded in Asia. Tune in next week when I take us to Thailand to speak with an ethnobotanist who started a business there growing psychedelic plants.

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