Chronicles of a Psychonaut

004 Intimacy and Sexual Healing

July 23, 2018
SEX. It's the topic of today's episode, as well as the word most likely to get your attention! Join me as I speak with Jasmyn, who works in the field of sexual healing and helps her clients recover from trauma and open into greater levels of intimacy. Her work involves sensual and sexual touch as well as relationship and intimacy coaching. The field certainly is taboo in our culture but we talk about the benefits of receiving services offered by a professional provider.
Intimacy is a huge part of relationships and we discussed some of the reasons why passion in relationships can fade and how to reignite the spark as well as some of the common misunderstandings between men and women and how to bridge the communication and intimacy gap to help overcome what lies between us. We also discussed feminine empowerment in the modern age and how women can find their power and feel safe to be radiant in an often sexually aggressive culture.

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