Chronicles of a Psychonaut

001 Introduction to Ayahuasca

June 30, 2018

Chronicles of a Psychonaut is about personal growth and the psychedelic experience. Human beings have been altering their consciousness since the beginning of recorded history, be it with caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco, or psychedelics such as marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, or recent chemicals like LSD. Come and listen to my real life tales of peering through the "doors of perception." We will delve into the insights and wisdom gleaned from the experience as well as the dangers and hard lessons.

This episode is an introduction to one of the most powerful psychedelic plants, the Amazonian medicine known as ayahuasca. I am joined by my friend Lauren Pittman to help describe the experience and we discuss the pharmacology, aspects of the ceremony, and the overall spiritual experience. Please enjoy, and I welcome your feedback and interaction on social media.

Intro and outro didgeridoo music by Jahni Coyote -

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